Atlantis Water Dispensers

Atlantis Hot Normal and Cold Water Dispensers

Purified water is one of the best things for you. Vending Service provide Atlantis Water Dispensers Noida. the Water Dispensers from popular brands like Atlantis and other brands. There are different options for the workplace. Vending Service provides water Dispensers services for you. Find the right water dispenser for your needs, please contact with us!!

Water Dispensers-Looking for buying water dispenser then contact and call Vending service,providing services in Noida,Greater Noida,Delhi and Ghaziabad. We Offer excellent and amazing water dispenser with the promise of excellent service and care of the water dipensers sold from our company. We will provide you exciting offfers and discounts as well as full assurance of pure and clean water good foryour health. The water dipenser purifies and eliminate all impurities from water and make safe and reliable for drinking purposes containing all the necessary minerals and elements of clean and clear water.

We offer stylish range of water dispensers, which can serve hot, cold and normal water from the counter top. Used in various offices and canteens, these water dispensers are provided to our clients in different capacities. Our range of water dispensers can heat or cool water instantly and can easily be fitted in almost all water filtration systems.


There is nothing that can replace the health benefits of purified water. Thus, we at the Vending Service understand its importance and have designed a range of water dispenser and water coolers as per your choice. The options of water dispensers that we provide are designed as per the place where you need it like office, cafeteria, canteen and others. All you need to do is find the right water coolers and dispenser and contact us for further details.

Cost Effective Options

We are one of the service providers for Water Dispenser Noida providing with cost-effective solutions for all your water needs. Our service is considered as one of the best in water coolers Noida with a promise to cater to the needs of the customers for effectiveness. Our clients are our biggest priority, and that is why we give exciting offers and discounts on purchase.

This is not all, as, at the same time, you will get the assurance of purified and refreshing the cold water every time you open the tap. This is the best gift of health that we will provide you with our water coolers and water dispensers. We have designed our water dispensers with latest techniques that will make sure that the water is purified, and all the impurities are eliminated.

Options With Stylish Designs

Our system will make water safe to drink with added minerals and nutrients that are good for health. We know that style is the talk of the age, and that is why our water dispensers come with cool designs that are easy to operate and fits anywhere.

There are options of cold, hot and normal water that you will get from the three different counters of the water dispenser. All these features make it ideal for using in offices and canteens. Our clients can get their water cooler solutions in various capacities. It comes with technology that cools hot water instantly and vice versa.

Unique Features Available

It fits in almost every kind of water filtration system so that you can get customized solutions right within your fingertips.

The features of our water dispensers are:

Options of hot and cold water in a fast and efficient way.

The compressor is designed to work efficiently.

It has safety technology preventing the system from overheating.

It is portable, and that is why saves much space.

Some of our water coolers and dispensers also come with a cooling cabinet that can be accessed with just a push of a button. It is safe to use around children as there is a child safety lock ensuring protection. It is designed keeping in mind the usage and place.

Its spill-proof design saves water from getting wasted. It is ideal for both big and small organizations. You can store beverages and bottled water in the customized water cabinet that will stay cool giving you a refreshing drink every time you take a sip.

Thus, when you are looking for the best company for complete solutions in Water dispenser Noida, Vending Service is your ultimate choice with options and wide range of designs to choose for your preference.

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