Instant Tea Premixes
Plain Tea Cardamom Tea Masala Tea
Ginger Tea Lemon Tea Low Sugar Options
Instant Coffee Premixes
Coffee Premium Coffee Low Sugar options
Dairy Whitener
Dairy Whitener Plain Dairy Whitener Cardamom Dairy Whitener Masala
Nimbu Paani Tomato Soup  
Tea / Coffee / Soup / Dairy Whitener / Other

Vending Service offers high-quality products, phenomenal service and unmatched attention to detail so your team members feel valued and your break room is transformed into a unique environment that cultivates collaboration, creativity and ingenuity. Vending Service include Plain Tea Premix, Lemon Tea Premix, Cardamom Tea Premix, Masala Tea Premix, Premium Coffee Premix, Cardamom Dairy Whitener, Masala Dairy Whitener, Instant Nimbu Pani, Tomato Soup, Ginger Tea Premix, Coffee Premix, Dairy Whitener and others.

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